Services to Schools

We of the Armistice Committee believe that pupils should learn about the men and women who have served this great country of ours, sacrificing their lives when needed.  Although the Armistice Day was originally to remember those who fell in the Great War (World War 1), it now encompasses all those who have fallen on fields of conflict around the world in the service of our country.  We are proud of Bedworth and all its residents who have helped make the Bedworth Armistice Day Parade and Service the biggest in Britain.

The Armistice Committee can arrange for a speaker to come to your school and talk about the origins of the Bedworth Armistice, about the Tribute Wall, the Remembrance Gates, the Cenotaph in the Cemetery and the Saluting Dais.

Contact our Parade Marshal for details.

WE NEED YOUR  HELP.  The Armistice Committee have undertaken their biggest challenge yet – a new permanent saluting dais on the Rye Piece Ringway.  Committee member and Vice Chairman Phil Godden (who designed and oversaw the Bedworth Armistice Wall and Gates) has drawn up plans for the saluting base.  It will be in keeping with the solemnity of the Parade and will compliment the Bedworth Wall and Gates.  We will be collecting throughout the late spring and summer (once lockdown lifts) for donations towards the new dais and to deliver the Bedworth Centenary Armistice Parade.  The generosity of Bedworth residents and their pride and love for the Armistice Parade (the biggest one in Britain) will be the foundation upon which the saluting base will be built.  With your past and present help we have put Bedworth on the map, with your help now we will keep Bedworth at the forefront of this country’s Armistice Day parades.