Parade Route Details

Blue arrows Parade out from Form Up
Red arrows Parade back to Dismiss point in the Alms Houses

The parade forms up in Church Walk from around 10:00hrs.  Military (both serving, retired and cadets) to the front, civillians (led by the Police Cadets) to the rear.  The Parade Marshals will assist anyone who is unsure.  We’re normally ready to march off by 10:30hrs, but it is usually 10:35hrs when we go.  The Civic Party and Clergy will have left at 10:30hrs ready to meet the parade in the cemetery as it enters. Marshals will assist in gettng the parade into the cemetery and in order.
The cemetery has limited capacity so the service will be broadcast live on big screen TV’s to those outside the cemetery.
At the end of the service the Civic Party will be escorted to the Peace Podium/Saluting Dais and formed up.  In the meantime the parade exits the cemetery through the Coventry Road gates and forms up along the Coventry Road.  When the Civic Party is in position the command is given for the parade to march off, normally led by the Pipers.  The salute is taken as the various elements of the parade pass the dais.
The parade marches down the Rye Piece Ringway, and wheels left at the Pin Island and into King Street.  Marching up King Street the parade wheels right at All Saints and gives an ‘eyes left’ to the memorial to Frank Parsons, proceeding into All Saints Square and wheeling right into the Alms Houses and follows the pathway round to dismiss in front of the Alms Houses.

The Parade is generally over by 12:30hrs.  There are a number of venues in the town centre doing refreshments.