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Big screen gets Armistice go-ahead

This year’s Armistice Parade group will have in place a big screen and will live broadcast the service to the gathering. On top of having the live ‘Big Screen’ broadcast, a new 12,000 amp power sound system will also be used to project sound.

Mark Welch, on behalf of the Group Committee says, “We have been aware of people struggling to see what is going on around the War Memorial whilst the service is going on”.

We will now make it possible for most by using a 12sqm big screen outside the Cemetery perimeter. I say, for most, as I understand there is probably more people than  this will be able to reach, but this will be a major start to fulfilling our aims by projecting up High Street. We are also looking to live stream this over the internet although this is yet to be confirmed. For next year, funds permitting, we will be looking to add an additional screen further up High Street, and for the Centenary in 2021 we are intending to have a big screen in the town centre too with sound all the way through the town. With royalty invited for our Centenary, I feel the town will reach greater saturation, and all of Bedworth will want to watch our cherished ex-service men pay their respects in the hundredth year since 1921”.

What Bedworth has in this event is spectacular, and has continued to attract thousands each year for past two decades. Our latest venture bringing in a big screen will need to be supported by a business for us to continue to spend at this magnitude, and hopefully one will contact us with their interest. The incredible sales of the ‘Wall & Gates’ badge and the new 98th Parade badge which goes on sale in October in outlets across town will have made this initial outlay possible, but these funds need to returned for the following year to happen. In fact our support for Bedworth Branch of The Royal British Legion last year came from the sale of our badges and we were proud to do this for Bedworth to pay their respects as we always wish. For the first time ever in Bedworth  on a Remembrance Sunday, the flypast & poppy drop made everyone’s day”.

On behalf of the Committee I wish to say a big thank you for the support shown by all; we recognise that Bedworth people are proud of us and what we do, and we feel the need to give these people the sights and sounds of this service which they are so proud of”.

Any business interested in supporting our latest ventures can contact us (Ken Whitehead) on 02476 311317.